Overview of Entry Process

Questions? Please contact us at entry@transpacyc.com.

Submit your online registration through the Yacht Scoring event page.

Your non-refundable entry deposit ($250) will be due with your registration. After submitting your registration, the Entry Chair can approve your entry, and you'll be eligible to submit your full entry fee payment by logging in to the Yacht Scoring Owner's Corner.

First Time ORR Certificatation with US Sailing:
Complete the Request for Rating form to start the process of getting an ORR rating for your boat.

Renewing an ORR Certificate with US Sailing:
Log in to your account with the Universal Certification System (and click RENEW)

Boats will need to make an appointment with a measurer to validate the displacement at a bare minimum, and in many cases will need a full measurement.

Contact offshore@ussailing.org with any quesitons.

Send to entry@transpacyc.com

If a yacht is entered by other than the owner, TPYC must be given a copy of the Charter Agreement and the yacht’s measurement certificate must also be signed by the “charterer”. A “charterer” must meet the same requirements as the “Owner”.

Log in to the Yacht Scoring Owner's Corner.

Select MY CREW LIST and then ADD CREW.

Enter at least the first/last name and email for each crew member. They will receive an email with a link, login and password asking them to complete their racing profile and read/accept the Transpac Crew Waiver.

Owners can track their crew progress to see who has completed these steps and who are still pending. Owners are responisble for having a 100% completed crew list prior to racing.

Log in to the Yacht Scoring Owner's Corner or have your crew log in to the Yacht Scoring Crew Corner.

1. Complete the “Safety Course Taken fields (Course Name and Course Date). See NOR 8.1.3, General Safety Training, which states “At least 30% of a yacht's crew including the watch captains shall have attended a US Sailing sanctioned International Offshore Safety at Sea with Hands-on Training Course or its equivalent within the last five years before the race start.

2. An additional 30% of the crew shall have attended a US SAiling sanctioned Offshore Safety at Sea Course or completed the US Sailing International Offshore Safety at Sea Online
Supplemental Course within the last five years before the race start.

3. On the Registration form, have completed the “Names of (2) crew members who are CPR and First Aid trained” (see NOR 8.1.4).

On Yacht Scoring registration form, complete the Name, Cell Phone, Email fields for Boat's Primary Contact while in Hawaii after the race.

This is how Transpac officials will help manage each boat's arrival, coordinate party, hospitality details, and more after the race is completed.

The contact can be an owner, crew or someone on the race support team who can pass information to the rest of the team.

Log in to the Yacht Scoring Owner's Corner.

Regular rate entry fees due by 3/1/19. Late entry rate fee due 3/2/19 to 5/31/19.

Select Entry Fee Payment.

Use the LOA (as listed on ORR Certificate), to determine your boat's entry fee.

Include a $50 discount if the owner/charterer is a current US Sailing member.

Include another $50 discount if the owner/charterer is a current member of Transpacific Yacht Club.

Submit payment via PayPal/Credit Card (no PayPal account required).

The Entry Chairman will verify your payment has been completed in full. Please calculate the correct amount so we don't have to follow up with refunds or additional payment requests.

Questions? entry@transpacyc.com.

Transpacific Yacht Club will organize several race seminars on topics such as “Preparing for Transpac”, “Navigation & Expedition”, and more. Check back for details and registration for seminars in the lead up to the 2019 Transpac Race.

A certification form confirming completion of A) and B) Man Overboard Procedures shall be completed and signed by all the captain and all members of the crew aboard at the time of the practice.

See NOR 8.9, Man Overboard Procedures for details of how the exercise it to be conducted.

Send to entry@transpacyc.com.

A color photograph of the yacht under sail. This shall be submitted electronically and shall be 4” X 4” or larger with a resolution absolutely no less than 300 dpi. The maximum file size should not exceed 5MB. This photo will be used for various TPYC promotions and the brochure.

Send to PosReport2019@transpacyc.com, and receive acknowleding email reply, due 2 days prior to start.

Each boat shall send a position report via email or text messaging using the same system on the boat as will be used during the race (see NOR 14.1) to the Transpac 2019 Position Report email address (PosReport2019@transpacyc.com) and receive an acknowledging email.

May be scheduled with any of the listed Inspectors on the Inspector Contact List starting May 1, 2019.

See NOR 4.3.2. Safety Inspections must be completed (2) days prior to each boat's start, including any requested changes by inspector.

Inspection Certificate Form

Complete the Transpac Offshore Experience form at https://2019.transpacyc.com/forms/experience.

See NOR 8.1.2.

The Owner/Charter and Navigator must have completed a Transpac, Pacific Cup, Newport-Bermuda, Sydney-Hobart, Fastnet or comparable ocean race within the past four years in their respective capacities.

The Owner/Charterer, Navigator, and at least one Watch Captain, must have completed a minimum 150 nautical mile sailing race or ocean sailing passage on the boat they are entering within a year prior to two days before the boat’s Transpac Race start, which race or passage may also satisfy NOR 8.1.1.

Complete the waiver/contact form, and return to entry@transpacyc.com, for boats that will be staying at Ala Wai Harbor after the race.

See NOR 15.2.2.

As part of the Race Entry each yacht must complete a waiver and authorization for the yacht to be moved, in the absence of the availability of owner/charterer or crew, if needed, to accommodate berthing of other competitors. The boat movement and waiver authorization will require a 24/7 cell phone contact numbers for the race person in charge and the delivery person in charge. Yachts not complying with these requirements will be denied mooring in Ala Wai Harbor.