Transpacific Yacht Club Membership

Membership in Transpacific Yacht Club carries unique significance among all ocean racers. For more than 100 years we have sailed across the Pacific Ocean to our tropical paradises in Hawaii and Tahiti. The Transpacific Yacht Club membership card is your sign of accomplishment and signals your support of these great races, and the spirit of Aloha and a bond with the sailors who went before and those to follow in your wake.

Among the benefits of membership is to be associated with and have contact info for other members of this prestigious and unique sailing organization.

Membership dues cover rising costs in conducting Transpac races (e.g., LB dock rental, Honolulu slip fees, awards ceremony).

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Membership Status

Qualification: Only skippers and crew members who have successfully completed a Transpac Yacht Club race to Honolulu or Tahiti may join TPYC.

Regular Members: Qualified applicants approved by the Board of Directors who have paid annual dues.

Provisional Members: Qualified applicants approved by the Board of Directors, dues waived in year of race. Must apply for Regular Membership in subsequent years.

Returning Members: Regular members having not paid dues for prior 2 years are considered Lapsed and are not in the membership database. Reinstatement with current year dues will reset seniority to current year. Recovery of seniority status requires payment of arrears dues.

For more information, see paragraph 5 of Membership Policy.