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2009 Honolulu

Chasch Mer, the First Santa Cruz 50 Ever Built, Celebrates the Big 3 0

ROY's Chasch Mer, commissioned by Randy Parker, of Santa Cruz, was the first ULDB design. Designed by The Wizard (Bill Lee), she is also the only SC50 with foam core (all others are balsa wood core). Chasch Mer entered her first Transpac in 1979: 30 years ago. 

Gib Black, ROY's Chasch Mer’s owner, and his crew, “Want to sail our guts out and do as well as we can and continue to develop friendships that last a lifetime.” Black also want s this Transpac to be a special one on land. He is celebrating ROY's Chasch Mer’s 30th birthday on Sunday, June 28th, with his crew, family and friends. He doesn’t know what is in store when Chasch Mer returns to Hawaii, but he has a hunch that his Hawaiian host family and others have some special plans for the 30 year old.

On Friday afternoon, Black and his crew, which includes Transpac veterans, Eric Conn, Ron Rostofer, Chris Jordan and Wayne Koide, were busy making Chasch Mer sparkling clean. Chasch Mer was one of the first boats in the marina following a two-week crossing from Hawaii. During the placid delivery to Long Beach, the crew motored for 200 hours. They wanted her to be gleaming like the other Transpac boats that are in Rainbow Harbor preparing for the 2,225 nautical mile race.

Black, who has sailed the Transpac eight times, remembers his dad taking him to Diamond Head to see the boats finish and then drag him to Ala Wai for a closer look. “There are moments during the race I feel the presence off my dad. Wish he had experienced this great ride too.”

“ROY's Chasch Mer’s Transpac ’09 race is a shared expense program,” says Black. “All of our guys are serious about the effort and fun to be around. None of us have egos to big to fit through the companion way and all of us know we will learn from the experience. “

Helping to defray costs are ROY's Chasch Mer’s sponsors, ROY'S Restaurants Hawaii, Jams World by Surf Line & Inter-Island Solar Systems. They won’t have Roy Yamaguchi’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine on board, but they will be wearing Jams and other surfing apparel. They also appreciate Inter-Island Solar’s help with Chasch Mer’s electronics.