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2009 Honolulu

J World Withdraws from Transpac 09

Honolulu, HI (July 12, 2009) - The boat and the crew are fine, but J World, a J/120 out of Honolulu, HI has withdrawn from Transpac 09. 

Wayne Zittel, the skipper, e-mailed the Transpac communications vessel, Alaska Eagle and informed Transpac officials of the boat's withdrawal. He stated, “Vessel and crew are fine, and there are no issues beyond significant damage to our downwind sail inventory!”

Zittel continued, “Due to a variety of commitments, the crew has elected to engage the motor and to motor-sail a portion of the remaining distance in order to arrive in Hawaii in a timely fashion.

On behalf of the entire J World team, I thank you tremendously for a fantastic event! We look forward to participating again in 2011.”

The J World crew of two world-class, professional coaches and six amateurs includes: Wayne Zittel, Charles Hill, Eric Chadwick, Jon Edelman, Peter Fray, Richard St. Onge and William McGuinn.
J World, a worldwide sailing school, offers amateurs a learning experience of a lifetime by teaching and qualifying students to use J World equipment to participate in inshore, coastal and offshore races such as the Transpacific Yacht Race and the Pacific Cup. Both races originate on California's coast and finish in Hawaii. Each individual is an active and equal member of the team, and everyone aboard gets to take turns at doing everything, including driving.
Many of the Transpac 09 participants have been reducing sail area so that they can steer through the squalls out on the Pacific. Some have encountered winds above 30 knots descending from omnious clouds. Before making their crucial gybe and final approach of the finish line in the Molokai Channel, the largest boat in the fleet, Alfa Romeo, reduced its sail area.