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2009 Honolulu

Latest Update from Philippe Kahn on Pegasus 50

Los Angeles (July 8, 2009 1530 PDT) The following is a snippet from Philippe Kahn's blog coming from Pegasus 50. Kahn prides himself in his boats and his equipment. His nav station, with its redundant systems, is the envy of navigators.

“...we never take anything for granted and keep on crunching a lot of weather information. We've been consistently reading 1019 on the barometer, which means that we are sailing down the 1019 isobar. We feel very comfortable with that.

At this morning's schedule, we saw that a lot of boats were heading North. That would mean a rapidly rising barometer and ultimately a “spin into the high.” So we like what we are doing. All the automated routing programs seem to point to a Northerly track. We're contrarians and disagree. We'll know soon enough.”