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2009 Honolulu

Sun Rises on Charged Transpac Fleet

Honolulu, HI (July 12, 2009) The Magnitude 80 crew watched the sunrise this morning knowing that their boat is safe and sound at the dock at Hawaii Yacht Club. It looks as if the rest of the fleet including, Pegasus 50, had a good night. The Pegasus team managed to fix their alternator and generator and Philippe Kahn and Mark “Crusty” Christiansen can continue to send us regular AV updates from the water.

Eyes were peeled on the Pegasus 50 blog where Kahn had demonstrated on Saturday that you need very little other than a dry, fully charged iPhone with the fullpower MotionX application on it to navigate to Hawaii when he and Christiansen lost their battery power. With nothing more than enough juice to send messages via e-mail, the two-man boat navigated through the darkness and squalls. Wrote Kahn, “Bad. Safe, but bad.” Relays Kahn, “All down - Down to flashlights, mechanical compass and add-on batteries for iPhone MotionX and hand held iridium. Trying to fix.”

Pegusus and fullpower MotionX went to no power and plenty of motion and commotion while sailing along at a VMG of 18 knot. All the while, Kahn’s iPhone displayed distance to the Waikiki Beach Waypoint, ETA, COG, VMG and his headings.


While Kahn steered, performed celestial sightings, took way points on garbage in the ocean and blogged, while Christiensen worked down below to trace and fix the boat's electrical problems. The sun rose, the electical glitches that plagued them throughout the night vanished. Christiansen magically appeared on deck eating a breakfast burrito during the lastest episode of Kahn, Crusty and Pegaus brought to us by fullpower MotionX. 

The excitement of the World’s most enduring and greatest ocean race continues. The sun has risen in Hawaii and Ala Wai awaits the arrival of dozens of Transpac boats in the very near future.