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2009 Honolulu

Transpac Weather Symposium

Join us for an educational day regarding the weathers impact on the Transpac race. From reading weather charts to reviewing GRIB files, this seminar is intended to provide the Transpac participant with an extensive overview on how to plan and execute the 2,225 mile journey across the Pacific.

This day long symposium will cover basic and intermediate essential concepts of marine meteorology. This is a pre-requisite in order to best understand both surface andh upper air weather charts from the National Weather Service’s Ocean Prediction Center and Tropical Prediction Center (both centers weather charts overlap the 2009 Transpac race). The emphasis on synoptic scale (ocean coverage from Southern California to Hawaii) as well as local micro scale phenomenon (Catalina Eddy, Gap Winds, and Tropical Waves/Depressions) that could possibly impact start and finish lines of the race. Renowned racing navigator Stan Honey will discuss racing strategies he used vis a vis weather scenarios he encountered from past races, many of which he won.

The registration fee for this event is $195.00 per person

We look forward to seeing you on May 30th at Shoreline Yacht Club!


Instructor Bio:
Lee Chesneau is a highly seasoned senior marine meteorologist with a distinguished 36 year career in maritime weather forecasting, ship routing, writing, keynote speaker at seminars, and a certified U.S. Coast Guard STCW Basic and Advanced Meteorology instructor. Lee’s focus as an accomplished instructor and lecturer for various maritime organizations is educating every seagoing mariner on self reliance in marine weather and forecasting, strategic routing, and most importantly, in prudent self reliant decision making.