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2012 Tahiti

Beau Geste finishes Los Angeles to Tahiti Race

After a few days of very light winds and slow sailing, Beau Geste got the bone back in her teeth and finished the Tahiti race in style. They finished in 14 days, 5 hours, 9 minutes, 22 seconds.

There was a fine dock welcome for Beau Geste yesterday, with the Transpacific Yacht Club Commodore Dave Cort and his wife Carol Armitage waiting to finish Beau Geste, along with Stephanie and others of the YCT. The crew was welcomed with some tasty Tuamotu white wine and cold Hinanos with snacks on the dock when they arrived. One bit of quirky bad luck; there was no hard liquor or cocktails on the island at arrival time because of the election (France)!

Beau Geste finished “on time” yesterday meaning during the daylight hours. This allowed the first Tahiti Race finish pictures ever taken; all previous finishes had been in the dark.  Link below from a news show has the finish at the very end with other exciting Tahiti events.

http://www.tntvreplay.com/Le-journal-du-vendredi-4-mai-2012_v2645.html (in French)

TPYC Commodore Cort (center) awarded “Line Honours” trophy to skipper Karl Kwok.(left) There was a good crowd on the dock last night.  Beau Geste was wedged in between two cruise ships on the downtown quai in Papeete; the feeling was that Beau Geste got a better show than the cruise ship passengers. Cruise ship passengers kept strolling through the welcome party listening to music, watching dancers. Crew was dancing too.

Congratulation to Beau Geste, skipper Karl Kwok, and her entire crew.

Meanwhile, “Rage” continues in to Papeete, and if she can keep in the winds and maintain boat speed, is currently projected to arrive on Sunday night. She maintained over 10 knots of boat in speed in her last 24 hour run, and her crew is chasing the clock in hopes of “correcting out” over Beau Geste in final corrected elapsed time.