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2013 Honolulu

B’Quest – Challenged America entry withdrawn from 2013 Transpac

The Transpacific YC regrets that the entry for the yacht B’Quest – Challenged America in Division 7 has been withdrawn by the TPYC Board for non-compliance with entry requirements for this race.

Specifically, B’Quest – Challenged America failed to meet a June 23rd deadline for not completing the required safety inspection procedure, nor asked for any extension to that deadline.

As late as yesterday, July 7th, one day prior to the start of Division 7, B’Quest – Challenged America had still not complied with these rules. The owner of the yacht was therefore informed in writing of the decision yesterday, in accordance with Rule 76.1 of the Racing Rules of Sailing.

“We take safety rules very seriously,” said Dave Cort, Commodore of Transpacific YC. “We feel this yacht has been given every opportunity to work with us to meet the requirements of this race, and they simply have not complied. We regret having to make this decision, we really wanted to have them in this race.”