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2015 Honolulu

FAQs and Hot Tips

Good things to know and hard things to find out.  If you have a race related question and need an answer, look here first.  If you don't find the answer drop a line to Race Management here.  We will try to keep these current as questions come in.  Mahalo!

  • Sailing Instructions refer to the Appendix 1 which has not been published yet.  Appendix 1 will contain the Email addresses and Telephone numbers to be used for the Daily Position Reports and other Race Committee communications.  It will be published well before the Skippers Meeting to be used for email testing.  It is not available yet.
  • Yellowbrick Trackers will be handed out at Shoreline YC prior to the Skippers Meeting.  There will a 3 or 4 hour window to have a crew member pick up the Skippers bag and also the Yellowbrick Tracker.  Please note, the Entry Committee will be there to verify your entry.  All Entry items must be completed in order to get your Tracker.
  • VERY IMPORTANT - Trackers should be placed on the boat in a correct position and turned on as soon as you can after you get them.  We will check all of them to make sure they are sending correctly and replace any that are not working correctly before your start.  We do not want to do this a day after your start, that's much harder!  Put them in place on the boat and turn them on, please.
  • Appendix 1 to the Sailing Instructions will be published soon.  But in the meantime if you would like to test your email as required by SI 28.3, the email address has been set up and is operational.  You can use PosReport2015@TranspacRace.com.    You will receive an auto-response back confirming receipt.
  • Yellowbrick Downloads:  Yellowbrick provides several interesting files for public downloading.  Each Divisions standings are updated each hour (includes the 6 hour delay, sorry) and the ORR Overall standings, and some great other files.  If you have a copy of Expedition, you can download the latest positions in Expedition format.  One fun one if you have Google Earth installed is the “.kml” file which imports the boat positions, ids, and tracks directly into Google Earth.  A great view of the race!  Enjoy.  The links all found here:  http://yb.tl/links/transpac2015
  • Saturday July 18 will be the final start for Transpac 2015.  The Multihulls will start first at 1230 PDT, followed by the biggest monohulls at 1300.  Great viewing is available for free from the Lighthouse Park at Pt Fermin.  The Race Committee will be heard on VHF 71.  If you are out on a boat near the starting area, please be sure to remain clear of the start area, on either side of the course is OK with a bit of clearance, in font or in back of the start line is not good, and can be very dangerous.  There really is a race going on, and those 100 foot boats are coming at you much faster than you think.  Be Safe and Enjoy watching Transpac 2015.