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2015 Honolulu

Transpac 2015 Qualifying Sail News

For 2015, Transpac YC has modified the qualifying voyage that boats and crews new to the race must complete as part of their entry process.  The full language of the requirement is found in section 8.1 of the Transpac 2015 Notice of Race.  The general requirement is a sailing passage of more than 150 nautical miles which must be completed by June 1, 2015.  Transpac is very happy to note that several SoCal sailing organizations have taken this opportunity to create new coastal races which meet the Transpac qualifying standard.

The newest is the SoCal300 by Santa Barbara YC and San Diego YC and described as a serious ocean racing challenge.  With a course starting in Santa Barbara and sailing outside the Channel Islands to San Diego on the weekend of May 22nd.  More info can be had here: SoCal300.com

The Los Angeles YC is dusting off a historic race and trophy to bring back the Tri-Island Race working with Bahia Corinthian YC on May 29th.  Starting off Pt Fermin the race goes around Santa Barbara Island, San Clemente and Catalina to a finish near Newport Beach.  More info is at: www.LAYC.org and NOR and sign up Here.

Lastly, NOSA Ensenada Race has embarked on a new course for their “Transpac Class” by sending the group from the traditional Newport Beach start, around San Clemente and then on to Ensenada.  The start is on April 24th. The race notice can be found at:  NOSA Ensenada Qualifier

Teams entering Transpac 2015 with further questions should contact the Transpac Entry Committee at TranspacEntry2015@transpacrace.com