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2015 Honolulu

Transpac 2015 Yellowbrick Leaderboard

Latest Race Standings

Race standings are being provided continuously on the Yellowbrick Tracking Leaderboard.  You can check on the boats positions at anytime through the Yellowbrick Race Viewer and also directly through the Yellowbrick Transpac 2015 Leaderboard.  

The latest results are avaiable by the Transpac Race Divisions and also ORR Overall standings.  

Please remember that Transpac positions and standings during the race reflect a 6 hour delay.  The positions displayed in the Race Viewer and also on the Leaderboard standings are delayed by 6 hours.  Transpac has always done this to promote the greatest competition among the Navigators and crews in the race.  All the Navigators are watching the weather and also the performance of the other boats in the race to gain the slightest edge on their competition.  We realize that this is a little confusing and is especially noticeable at the start of the race when the information does not appear for 6 hours after the start.  But Transpac has always felt that this is the fairest way to provide the maximum amount of information while also preserving the competitive nature of the race for all the crews who participate.

As the boats near Hawaiii and the Finish line at Diamond Head, the real time positions will be displayed for all the boats.  This will happen when the boats are within 100 miles of the finish, and make their first ETA reports to the Race Committee in Honolulu.  At that point the boats will be only hours from sailing across the finish line and completing their long journey across the Pacific.


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