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2005 Honolulu

2005 Transpac Program

How this Newport couple met at Transpac 2005

We met on Transpac 2005 at the Trophy Party at the Ilikai Hotel. Barbara was sitting at a dinner table with a mutual friend, Skip Allen. I stopped by to say hi to Skip, and he introduced us. The next morning, by fateful coincidence, I saw Barbara again, just as she emerged from one of the neighboring race boats, and just as I was walking down the dock with a crewmate, David Stotler (we were on Incredible, a Swan 53.)

Stotler and I were on our way to have breakfast at the Hawaii Yacht Club. A minute earlier or later and Barbara and I would have missed each other.

I asked Barbara if she would please join us for eggs benedict and champagne, and she said, “Yes.”

Then I replied, a bit presumptuously, “Great, then we can plan the rest of our day together.”