Sevenstar partners with the Transpac Race

The Transpac Race from Los Angeles to Hawaii is one of the most prestigious ocean races in the World. This being the 50th Transpac Race makes it even more special. No wonder the entries are already up to over 100 yachts, with many overseas teams looking to participate as well. Sevenstar is the logistics partner of choice for the global transports and will be providing tailored solutions from Australia, the USA EC, and the Caribean.

Supporting the race locally is Sevenstar’s San Francisco representative Kris Caren: “We very much look forward to work closely with the race organization and the teams to provide them with the top-level service that we are known for. In addition to the international transports, we are working on providing a mast-up, keel-on solution from Hawaii to the West Coast.”

For more information about how Sevenstar can help your team, with both the transport of your yacht, but also containers, personal gear, spares, and sails, please contact Wouter Verbraak or Kris Caren.


Pasha Hawaii offers Roll on Roll off shipping service from Honolulu to either San Diego or San Pedro.



Sevenstar Yacht Transport offers yacht shipping services to and from ports worldwide, including a special Transpac mainland delivery from Honolulu to Ensenada, Mexico.

The 50th running of the classic Transpacific Race will kick off with the first starts on Wednesday, July 10, 2019. The Aloha sendoff events will be rocking Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach July 6th.

Boats will be arriving off the Diamond Head finish line as soon as July 17th, with the legendary Aloha welcome parties in Ala Wai Yacht Basin all that weekend and on into the next week.

Transpac 2019 Participants:

We are pleased to be sponsoring the 50th Transpac race next summer and we hope you have a great race across the beautiful Pacific Ocean.  Here at Pasha Hawaii we’ve spent a great deal of time trying to develop solid solutions and competitive pricing for shipping your boat back to the mainland after the race.  Our ships, Jean Anne and Marjorie C as Roll on Roll off ships, are the ideal design for moving your boat across the ocean safely and quickly.

We continue to offer very competitive East-bound service from Honolulu to San Pedro and San Diego alternating weekly.  We work with a variety of trucking companies in Hawaii and here in CA that specialize in yachts, and a facility on Sand Island that can pull your boat and rig, load on your cradle or trailer and deliver to the port ready to load the ship.  The Marine Group in National City is right next door to our dock in the Port of San Diego and is very capable to rig and put your boat back in the water upon arrival from Hawaii should you need that service.

Steps for shipping your boat home after the race:

  1. Pick a departure date from San Diego for your empty trailer move with Pasha Hawaii before the race starts and make a booking /reservation with us, then drop the trailer at our San Diego dock.  Our personnel will guide you through timing and details.  There are contacts at the bottom of this document for lease trailers if needed. (Please note we cannot accept empty trailers in LA for on carriage to Hawaii, only San Diego)
  2. Upon arrival in Honolulu, pick up your trailer and place into storage pending haul out of your boat after the race.  We have a storage site near Kapolei for $20 per day and our staff can help arrange that for you.
  3. Pick the departure date from Honolulu on our ship schedule and make a booking/ reservation.
  4. Schedule your haul-out with a local yard or with our partner Jim Maynard of PDF Hawaii at the METC dock on Sand Island (more information below). 
  5. Once the yard has given you a date and time for haul out, arrange to move the trailer to the yard on time.  If you’re doing your own haul out and loading, it’s important you affix the mast to the boat, and boat to the trailer properly. We highly recommend consulting with our partner Jim Maynard or Keehi Marine who are both familiar with the amount and kind of lashing required along with spar positioning on the boat and/or trailer.  If the boat is not correctly loaded or secured to the trailer, the dock labor may refuse to receive your boat.


Jim Maynard of PDF is our partner in Hawaii who has been in the boat yard business for over 30 years.  Jim is intimately familiar with our vessel operation and the requirements associated with safe loading & unloading on the ship.  Jim has the experience to operate the equipment and tools at the METC boat yard (our partner facility for haul-out).  METC, or the Marine Education Training Center, is run by the University of Hawaii and houses the Polynesian Voyage Society’s “Hokulea” voyaging canoe that sails around the world.  The METC was the home base for Disney’s film project “Morning Light” - a Transpac 52 raced by 15 sailors from 18 to 23 years old in the 2008 Transpac race. METC has equipment for removing keels and rudders and a crane to remove spars.  Jim’s crew will take pictures, itemize parts and bubble wrap the spar to protect it in transit.  Please note we cannot accept loose items in the boat and recommend you utilize the free shipping containers we offer Transpac to move any items not positively “affixed” to the boat.  Joe and Laura Neale of Transpac are your contacts for that piece.

Below are some contacts and more information about the services they offer.   

Trucking and Trailer providers Southern CA:

We work year round with the below carriers in Southern CA for boats going to or coming back from Hawaii.  Both are experienced and can secure trailers for your boat and move your boat & trailer on the mainland and in Hawaii.  These folks will prepare you an estimate for trailers and or their services ahead of the race.


Boat Haulage and preparation on trailer in Hawaii:

Jim Maynard is highly qualified to de-rig all types of racing sailboats.  He has hauled and prepared over 40 different sailboats over time for us. Estimates are drawn up based on your boat size and services needed to get on a trailer and ready to ship. Jim can offer over the road service for smaller boats on trailers with a ball hitch trailer or coordinate with local truckers to move larger boats & trailers.


Trucking in Hawaii:

If you wish to work directly with Hawaiian truckers, here are a couple companies we work with extensively and I can recommend as professional and capable.


We are here ready to help with any questions you may have and hope to have the opportunity to help you get your boat back home safely after the race.

Michael Pasha, VP OHW & Project Logistics, 415) 927 6381;
Catherine Nugent, Pasha Hawaii Yacht Specialist, 415) 927 6570;
Email; or call us toll free; 866) 393 9831